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My fitbit #Fitstats for 12/25/2013: 6,342 steps and 2.9 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/293K59



As Christmas comes to a close, I encourage everyone take a moment to look back at the memories we created this year.
I have truly enjoyed this holiday season with my favorite girl.  Miss Ava has taught me to slow down, not take life so seriously, and sometimes all that matters is being with the ones we love.

I did my best to make her Christmas magical this year.  As she gets older it’s become more important.  It isn’t so much the presents she gets, it’s what we do together to celebrate the season.  This morning we thought Santa messed up and forgot the one thing she constantly talked about, the Nabi 2.  But instead of getting upset, instead of being disappointed…she turned to me and said, “Well, at least we have all these other gifts!”  Made me the most proud…



Just love her!

Just love her!

Don't forget how much fun story time @ the library can be!

Don’t forget how much fun story time @ the library can be!

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Elf on the Shelf is the best!

Elf on the Shelf is the best!


Santa didn’t mess up afterall. 😉


I truly hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season!  From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!PhotoGrid_1388032585371


Tuesdays with TED!

Paul Piff:  Does money make you mean?

In a world where money plays an intrigal part in a lot of people’s lives, this talk was interesting to watch…

  • Are rich people truly more rude?
  • Do rich people truly flaunt their material possessions more?
  • As a person rises up the ladder, does it produce more entitlement and self-interest?

The studies are fascinating to say the least…

How do you play the game of monopoly?


Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Courtesy of Fiona Childs


So my apartment complex redid their entire main office…wondered why they raised my rent…so I went in to check out what they did with the gym area.  It wasn’t in desperate need, but could stand to use some new things.  Well, they have 2 really nice treadmills and some other weight lifting equipment along with kettle balls and new free weights.  I took Ava with me and of course she wanted to try everything…of course she couldn’t because, well she’s 4… So I showed her by demonstrating (yes, I’m a little sore today).  She thought it was just the coolest thing.  Then we got on the treadmill and the first thing I showed her was the nice big red stop button!  But she was having a great time…of course again, she’s 4, so her attention span on the treadmill lasted 2 minutes.  But hey, I was excited that she was excited!  It was nice having her in there with me so I could show her things and explain why we exercise and the importance of it all.

Today we went to the park and our new routine is  to walk around the park 1 time before she plays and 1 time after plays.  It’s a nice extra energy burn to ensure a nice nap afterward! 😉

We went into the apartment office to pick up a package today and the staff told me they saw us in the gym.  The lady said, “I think it is so great that you had her in there with you at such a young age.  It is so important to start early, even if just by showing them.  I didn’t even know what a salad was when I was a child.”    My point exactly…

Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Courtesy of Fiona Childs